Site, Merchandising, and Digital Asset Creation

Airheads! Australia’s largest inflatable course. Something so large deserved a large amount of marketing. I was tasked with designing flyers, posters and redesigning their website

The event required merchandise, safety signage, advertising signage, and a whole slew of digital assets for their website, Moshtix account and socials. It could have been a lot harder though, because the previous graphic designer in my position (Kat) was the one to design the logo. She also had the tee print sorted out. Phew!

A couple of issues were encountered along the way, including the fact that some of the code in the site was broken when I received it, leading to the commerce aspect of the site also being broken. It was eventually fixed.

Unfortunately for Steve, the event’s founder, the Queensland government introduced restrictions allowing only double vaccinated peoples to attend events in November 2021. Steve has no choice but to move his event to Easter 2022 instead of December 2021, resulting in a lot of thrown-away flyers which had the wrong date printed on them. And then the QLD floods happened…so now his event is going ahead in June-July 2022.

airheads shirts mockup

Below: Social media posts were made for the weeks leading up to the event.

Steve was so happy with the site.

This made me quite proud, being one of my first websites to design. A lot of work was done to make the entire site cohesive, fun, and mobile-friendly.


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