As a graphic designer, branding is one of the most exciting parts of my job. Helping to raise little businesses and form them into something awesome makes me so proud.

AGENCY Ink Brothers

ROLE Branding

DATE 2022

Left: The Linen Ladies. The Linen Ladies is a business owned by Mandy, who also owns a house cleaning business. One lesson that I learnt from this project was that you need to thoroughly question your client to get a good idea of their goals and ideas before you start work on their logo designs…which I did not. But this was a fun project and I love the options I came up with.

Logo designed for my hypothetical pottery and arts business.



My personal pinterest account was really the informant for my own branding.  Organic. A little rustic. Playful.

Project: ZeeZee’s Native Nursery Explanation: Plants and nurseries are down-to-earth, so I wanted the logo to feel hand-drawn. I included an icon reminiscent of the aboriginal symbol for ‘campsite’ or ‘meeting place’. The nursery is for Australian native plants and the first ones to appreciate and thrive in the Australian environment were the first nations peoples. 

Branding Checklist

– Clear Mission Statement Finalised

– Brand Character Identification

– Ideal Client / Market Target Identified

– Research

– Colours and Typography

– Logo

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