Dukeo Services — Dog breeding, training, grooming, and sitting.   


Mel came to my employer Ink Brothers looking for a logo redesign. She reportedly spent a large sum of money trying to get the logo right with her last designer – but it just wasn’t working for them. Mel asked if I could take inspiration from an image of her passed tri-colour Collie, Dukeo. She wanted a simple design.

I designed two logos – one of them was created using the letters D and S combined, and the symbol of a comb. The other one I traced from Mel’s supplied image. She absolutely loved the second one.

“Such a relief to be honest. I was starting to think I was asking for the impossible (of the last designer)….WOW! Thank you. Seriously you nailed it Jess! Amazing and so bloody quick. Love ya work! Made my day!”


The first logotypes presented to Mel


dukeo services final logos
The final logo design


Mel was so pleased with her logo and I was so happy that I manged to get it right from the first proof. From there I designed business cards, a store sign, fridge magnets, car magents, and a pair of feather banners for Dukeo Services.

Finally, I created a wordpress website for Mel. The desktop and mobile versions are fairly different, taking into account different layout demands and functionality. Let me know what you think.


Above: desktop version. Below: mobile version. Check it out at dukeoservices.com.au


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